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P.i.C therapy (Precise. Immediate. Cure)  is a variation of acupuncture, using electrical stimulated needles and precision-controlled manual pressure therapy.

P.i.C focuses treatment directly at the musculo-skeletal site of pain, resulting in immediate therapeutic relief as quickly as the first treatment.

Injuries to the body are a result of one or both causes:



Many patients who experience an overuse injury do not usually feel intense pain until later on (sometimes as much as a couple of years later).  This delayed pain onset is a result of the muscle changing its structure and function over time and is why so many struggle to identify the exact moment or event when the pain started.

Back Pain

There are 8 regions of the body that P.i.C therapy can help in treating, upon diagnosis of each patients condition:

Head Pain 

Face/Jaw pain

Neck/ Shoulder pain

Shoulder blade and middle back

Middle and Lower Back

Low back pain



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  • Manual Precision:  Manual precision and accuracy identify exactly where the pain is located. 

  • Technique Precision: As P.i.C practitioners, applying the correct amount of electrical and manual simulation is essential to properly manage your pain. 

  • Practice Precision: Precision of needle depth is critical into the muscle pain generator to stimulate the muscle for healing. 

  • Pattern precision:  Identifying common patterns among patients that we treat enables us to recognize disease and treat it more efficiently.

  • Frequency Precision:  Scheduling treatment within an appropriate time between sessions is crucial to the healing process.  Too much or too little time in between sessions can affect/delay the total outcome of your healing.


  • Patients have presented with pain that has been ongoing/chronic for 10+ years, some even as long as 20-years.

  • Clinical observations have revealed that patients feel 80% better after an average of 3-5 sessions.

  • Twenty percent of patients feel 50% improvement after the first session.

  • Note: these findings are an average percentage based off of clinical observations.  Healing times and degree of improvement will vary due to individual to patient conditions.


  • The fundamental theory of P.i.C is to cure musculoskeletal inflammation as a result of trauma/overuse. 

  • Every treatment is geared towards resolving the issue and not temporarily masking the pain.

  • Patients rarely return with the same chief complaint after their treatment session has ended (unless they are in because of a re-injury, new injury or a "tune up").

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