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3d Printed

The New Standard in treatment, pain relief & comfort! 

About 3d orthotics

3D orthotics are changing the orthotic industry with a unique biomechanical lattice-design that comes to life on the HP Multi-Jet Fusion 3D printer. Each 3D printed custom orthotic contains unique and unmatched segmental-biomechanical control, lightweight-design and comfort that cannot be achieved or reproduced using manual, subjective manufacturing methods. 

3D orthotics are medical devices worn inside shoes to correct biomechanical foot issues and support the kinetic chain of the body.


The custom lattice-design is superior in every way as they are lightweight and comfortable, while helping to correct the biomechanical problems that lead to pain and discomfort. Unlike other custom orthotics that use one material throughout, the construction of the 3D orthotic offers more biomechanical control by providing the foot more or less support and flexibility as required.  3D printing can achieve all of this through variable filling of the lattice-framework without adding bulkiness. 

About 3d Printing

3D Printing, also called additive manufacturing, is known to be very precise; therefore, more reliable than error-prone manual manufacturing, which has dominated the custom orthotic industry since the 1950s.  

HP Inc broke through those barriers through the introduction of a revolutionary Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer, patented biocompatible nylon printing powder and lattice-design that offers unprecedented comfort and control, while maintaining a thin profile that will fit in most shoes. 

3d orthotic Assessment

Every 3D printed orthotic is created FOR YOU from start to finish in the

ULTIMATE custom process.

At Corbo Chiropractic we are at the cutting edge of new technology and products that will give our patients

THE BEST results possible, so they can live an active and healthy lifestyle. 

As part of our commitment to innovation, our clinic offers 3D foot scanning with dynamic gait analysis to enable both orthotic recommendation and 3D printed custom orthotics.  Dr. Celia Corbo will analyze your findings and prescribe a 3D printed custom orthotic just for you. 

Patients will have their foot scanned on the 3D scanner.  This records data of the foot in a static position. 

Gait plate .jpg

Following the scan, patients will walk across the Gait Plate to assess pressure point foot biomechanics while walking.  Pressure scans of the foot are recorded displaying any atypical foot mechanics that may be generating discomfort and abnormal kinetic chain function of the body.  

The 45-minute appointment will involve the history, physical assessment and diagnosis. Once the data is collected, the report will be generated and explained.  

Your custom 3D printed orthotic will be manufactured and delivered within 8-10 business days.


Conditions Treated

3D orthotics are successful in treating many patients at Corbo Chiropractic with the following conditions: 

Arthritis: Inflammation of one or more joints that may cause stiffness, swelling & pain. 

Bunions: Bony bumps that form on the big toe.  

Bursitis: Inflammation of the bursa pads (fluid filled pads) that cushion joints. 

Diabetic Neuropathy: Nerve damage that may occur in diabetic patients. 

Dropped arches: to support the flat-foot nature of the foot. 

Heel Spurs: Bony growths that form over the back of the heel. 

Tendonitis: Inflammation of the muscle tissue that attaches to bone. 

High arches: to support the elevation of the foot. 

Metatarsalgia: Pain in the front of the foot, usually over the second and third toes. 

Plantar Fasciitis: Inflammation of the heel/fascia connection along the bottom of the foot.

Bare Feet

The use of 3D orthotics has also been useful in reducing lower limb pain (ankle, knee, hip), back pain, headaches & jaw pain.  They help stabilize and improve foot biomechanics, which positively effect  posture by improving the patients centre of gravity. 


3D printed custom orthotics may also prevent sports injuries as well as improve sport performance. 

Benefits of 3d orthotics


At Corbo Chiropractic we use state of the art Materialise software for 3D scanning, creating the most precise fit, according to your biomechanical foot structure. 



3D orthotics has eliminated the need to purchase multiple types of orthotics to accommodate various settings and activities.  These thin and lightweight medical devices are optimized for every activity.

Your custom orthotics will feel just as comfortable in a pair of running shoes as they do in a pair of dress or safety shoes. The lattice design allows for optimized function in each part of the foot, whether you’re walking, running, or playing sports.

Light Weight & Comfortable 

Standard orthotics are generally bulkier and a bit heavier than the more streamlined and featherweight 3D printed orthotics.

The technology used to create 3D foot orthotics at Corbo Chiropractic allow us to provide you with the perfect amount of flexibility, stiffness, and support without the bulk and weight.

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sat gua.png

Satisfaction Guarenteed!

All of the 3D printed orthotics are backed by a satisfaction and comfort guarantee for 90 Days. If you are not 100% satisfied with the fit and feel of the finished product we are happy to make any necessary adjustments to ensure you walk away happy and pain-free!

Take a look! 

Below are educational videos as well as a feature of The Go 4D orthotics used at Corbo Chiropractic on The Doctors TV Show. 

Enjoy watching!

As seen on The Doctors! Take a look at Dr. Travis Stork getting a live orthotic assessment. 

Leigh Weiss, NY Giants Director of Rehabilitation, makes sure his athletes are equipped with the best footwear orthotics to prevent lower limb injuries during games and practice.

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