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"The Blog" by Corbo Chiropractic

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Welcome to "The Blog"!

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Dr. Celia Corbo

If we haven't met yet, my name is Dr. Celia Corbo, a licensed chiropractor practicing in Etobicoke, Ontario Canada. My passion for health began at a young age always been fascinated with human anatomy and the body systems and functions that keep us in check. Fast-forward 2 decades, I'm living my dream of helping people achieve their health goals through educating and providing hands-on adjustments to get patients moving and feeling better.

I decided to write a blog for two reasons:

1. Knowledge is power! I love learning and teaching others. I believe the more you know the better equipped you are in understanding how your body works. Therefore you can make the right choices for YOU! Sometimes, it takes hearing (or reading) something to have that "AHA" moment --the next thing you know, you're living your best life.

2. Connection + Community are healing! With a world of info at your fingertips I wanted to create a safe space where you can chat, question and learn together!

My favourite topics to talk about are related to chiropractic (especially the nervous system), nutrition and overall well-being. In the online world, there is so much information available to keep anyone's head spinning for days about these topics. My goal is to provide information right from the source of research or previous personal experience in a clear, concise & informative way.

Reach out!

I would love to hear from you! Don't be shy to leave a comment below on any of the blogs if you have any questions or comments, or if there is a specific topic(s) you would like me to write about.

You can email me directly at

My goal is to provide information everyone can learn from to help make better lifestyle choices and live the best quality of life!

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