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Expert Nutrition Consultation for Common Health Disorders and Weight Management

Dr. Celia Corbo BSc, DC


The Nutrition Management services provided at the clinic focuses on nutritional management for areas of health, such as:

  • Acne, Rosacea, Eczema

  • Arthritis

  • Autoimmune Disease

  • Cancer (as a management tool, not a cure)

  • Diabetes

  • Digestive & Intestinal Tract Conditions (including food intolerance testing)

  • Neurological disease (Parkinson's disease, Early stage alzheimers, Multiple sclerosis, Concussion Management)

  • Sports nutrition

  • Weakened Immunity (Fibromyalgia, Epstein-Barr, Chronic Mononucleosis, Chronic Fatigue)

  • Women's Health (PMS, Menopause)

  • Men's Health (Prostate Enlargement, Andropause)

  • Weight loss/management program


The Initial Appointment will be 60-90 minutes in length with the following taking place at the appointment:

  • Comprehensive Case History of Primary Health Condition or Concern

  • Review of Past and Current History of Health and Family Health History

  • Dietary Analysis

  • Nutrient Deficiency Assessment

  • Drug-Nutrient Interaction Considerations

  • Review of all blood work and imaging results (recommendation of additional tests if required)

  • Review of current medical treatments

  • Physical Examination (neurological, functional musculoskeletal, orthopedic, cardiovascular, anthropometric

After the initial visit, Dr. Corbo will review the details of your case, pursue additional research and develop an evidence-based integrative program targeted to your needs, which will be discussed in detail during the Follow-up Visit.

Follow-Up visit:

The follow-up appointment will be 30-45 minutes in length where you will be provided with a customized and educational explanation of the following:

  • Nutrition Program

  • Exercise Program (cardiovascular, strength training, flexibility, core)

  • Dietary Recommendations

  • As well as recommendations for Other Targeted Health Interventions specific to your needs

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