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Gurleen Kaur
Registered Massage Therapist

Gurleen Kaur is a graduate from ICT Kikkawa College, she uses both her intuition and diverse skillset and massage techniques to guide her patients into relaxation and well-being. 


She is dedicated in helping treat people effectively by designing a treatment plan that is unique to the client based on their health history and physical assessment.  


These specialized treatments deliver both health care and nourishment of therapeutic touch. 


Her style combines a mixture of Swedish massage, Myofascial trigger points and Fascial work along with stretching and strengthening to dissipate stress, decrease muscle tension and improve quality of life.  She is also certified in: Hot Stone Massage, Cupping Therapy, Indie Head massage, Pre/Postnatal and Infant massage.

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Gurleen is accepting new patients

Click the button above to book online or call (437) 254-1540 to book your Initial Assessment!

Gurleen's availability is below:

Thursday: 3pm-8pm


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