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Face Mask

Due to the current pandemic situation, masks have become an essential part of our daily lives as more establishments are requiring masks.


For someone who is not used to wearing masks, it is an inconvenient accessory to say the least.  However, studies have proven that wearing masks significantly reduces our infection rate and transmission of the virus.

With this being the state of New Normal, the Warm Buddy Company manufactures a reusable mask that is very comfortable, effective and made with ultra-soft fabric.  To enhance calmness, comfort and feel the addition of aromatherapy essential oils to face masks is recommended.

The masks are:

  • Comfortable & Effective

  • Double Layered Fabric

  • Breathable

  • Re-Usable

  • Washable

To place an order please call (416) 732 - 1540 or email at corbochiro@gmail.com with the name of the item & quantity.