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Dr. Carl Fernandes

Carl graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, UK in 2003.   After completing his Chiropractic degree, he moved to Italy, where he practiced for a number of years. 

Prior to studying to become a Chiropractor, he graduated from the University of Toronto in Canada in Biology.

Dr. Carl has a keen interest in treating athletes and sports injuries and has worked closely with local football and rugby teams throughout his career.

He is an active person and enjoys participating in Spartan races and Crossfit.

His aim is to educate and encourage patients to strive for a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Book online or call (437) 254-1540 to book your Initial Assessment!

Dr. Carl's availability is below:

Wednesday: 3pm-8pm

Friday: 3pm-7pm

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