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Lisa Schick
Live blood Analyst

Lisa Schick dedicated 25 years to the travel industry, specializing in luxury and wellness as an Independent Travel Agent. Her pivotal experience in Afghanistan, providing services to the Canadian military, profoundly shifted her perspective on the value of life, motivating her to seek more meaningful ways to support others.

Driven by a passion for alternative health, Lisa transitioned into the health and wellness sphere in 2020. Her introduction to Live Blood Analysis sparked a profound realization of the insights visible in blood, compelling her to delve deeper and ultimately become a certified Live Blood Analyst.

Through one-on-one sessions with clients, observing their blood in real-time offers a compelling visual representation of their health status, guiding focused interventions. This practice serves as a powerful reminder for individuals to prioritize their health journey and make necessary lifestyle adjustments.

Lisa is accepting new patients.

Click the button below to book online or call

(437) 254-1540 to book your Initial assessment.

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